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Corporate Social Responsability

The contribution of the FAED Group to sustainable development is materialised in principles and practices of corporate social responsibility that meet the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.
  1. Commitment to people, promoting the creation of stable and quality employment, encouraging professional development based on merit (integrity, work, and achievements) and equal opportunities as central elements.
  2. Commitment to safety and health, employing all means at our disposal in order to provide a healthy and safe work environment.
  3. Commitment to clients, improving the service and attention provided. We periodically evaluate their satisfaction and identify their expectations, by means of a transparent and impartial procedure.
  4. Commitment to suppliers, establishing mutually beneficial relationships for both parties, guaranteeing the supply of goods and services with the maximum guarantees of quality and safety.
  5. Commitment to the environment, minimizing the environmental impact of our activity and complying with the policies and procedures established in the environmental management system.
  6. Commitment to society, increasing our contributions to the community by satisfying local needs and meeting the company’s objectives.
  7. Commitment to communication and dialogue with stakeholders, maintaining channels of communication and dialogue with all stakeholders,
    based on transparency, truthfulness, and commitment.
  8. Commitment to transparency, disseminating relevant and truthful
    information about our activities, subjecting them to internal and external verification processes that guarantee their reliability and encourage continuous improvement.